"Playing with Fire" - one of three guest artists at The Commonwheel Artists Co-op in Manitou Springs

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Come share our Artist’s Reception from 5-8 pm on October 20. This show will run through November 12, 2017.
“Playing with Fire” is a phrase often associated with risky behavior. On a practical level, each of the artists in this show use heat/fire to create their works.
Fused glass artist, Laura McCracken, uses variation in temperatures to create her pieces. Her work deals with introspection and her journey through a period of injury and recovery. Recovery really means, in this context, a redefining and reorganizing of her lifestyle and priorities. The concepts of energy and presence continually re-emerge within her art.
Ceramicist, Josie Quick, draws inspiration from primitive and tribal art for her pottery designs. She juxtaposes this imagery with classic pottery shapes and calls her style “neo-primitive.” She strives to show that all people and cultures are connected throughout history, starting as one people and dispersing to give rise to different cultures and artistic imagery.
Karen Simkiss works with hot wax to create her encaustic art. She works on trying to simplify details and using shape, texture, and values to create impressions. The transparent qualities of her encaustic wax allow her to use collage or layering effects to create depth and interest.
“Playing with Fire” will be in our gallery space through November 12.