Make Your Own Fused Glass!

To schedule a class, please email: or call 703-795-4093 and leave a message with your name, contact information, number of people in your group and what projects you are interested in.

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Fused Glass: Try it yourself!

Multiple pieces of glass are layered, placed in a kiln and heated until they fuse together into a single piece.  Types of glass include transparent, opaque, iridized, and dichroic.  From cutting to kiln, let me lead you through the basics to design your very own one-of-a-kind, decorative or functional glass art.

Flat fused Glass - 90 minutes     $50.00

Create two 4”x4” coasters or one larger flat, fully fused tile.    

Intro to Fused Glass Jewelry - 2 hours    $85.00

Create two sets or five pendants.  Various techniques explored.

Almost twins - dish set -      2 Hours     $120+

Create a two dish set using positive/negative design technique.  Prices vary depending on dish size and selected glass.  Strong cutting skills recommended.

Discounts are available for group or family lessons. 

Prices listed above are private lesson prices.

Make your own Meditational Designs

This class is a one up on the adult coloring book rage.  Coloring has proven to be a meditative experience.  Why not make your own?

A radial design is an image that appears to radiate from a central point, like the spokes from the hub of a wheel.  By using straight lines, these designs appear geometric in appearance.  By using looser, more free-form lines, designs appear and feel more organic.

This class will explore multiple techniques using line, shape, pattern and repetition.  Tools include the use of a straight edge, compass, stencils, tracing and transfer.  Multiple coloring materials and techniques will be explored.  Copies can be made and shared amongst the group.

Youth Art Intensives:

As an public school art educator for 20 years, my favorite setting to teach in, is private lessons and small groups.  The intimacy, focus on personal interest, longer work sessions are tremendously fulfilling for both student and teacher.

If you are interested in small group or private lessons, please call 703-795-4093 to schedule lessons.

Lessons can be weekly or camp style (several days in a row).

  1. Private lesson rate:  $40/session

  2. Shared 2 person lesson: $25 per student/session    

  3. Group rate (3-5 students) $15 per student/session

I am able to teach any medium to ages 5+.  For elementary age students, here are some ideas for the student that loves everything.

Canvas and color - 3 sessions Textural painting with acrylic paint on canvas, for grades 4-7.

Play with Plaster - 4 sessions    Using plaster and plaster cast techniques to create sculptures in the round, for grades 4-7.

Turning Doodles into Design - 3 or more sessions, studio art class focusing on drawing, painting and printmaking for all ages.