Youth Art Intensives:

As an public school art educator for 20 years, my favorite setting to teach in, is private lessons and small groups.  The intimacy, focus on personal interest, longer work sessions are tremendously fulfilling for both student and teacher.

If you are interested in small group or private lessons, please call 703-795-4093 to schedule lessons.

Lessons can be weekly or camp style (several days in a row).

  1. Private lesson rate:  $40/session

  2. Shared 2 person lesson: $25 per student/session    

  3. Group rate (3-5 students) $15 per student/session

I am able to teach any medium to ages 5+.  For elementary age students, here are some ideas for the student that loves everything.

Canvas and color - 3 sessions Textural painting with acrylic paint on canvas, for grades 4-7.

Play with Plaster - 4 sessions    Using plaster and plaster cast techniques to create sculptures in the round, for grades 4-7.

Turning Doodles into Design - 3 or more sessions, studio art class focusing on drawing, painting and printmaking for all ages.