So much more…

I teach, I coach, I create.  

I work part-time as an elementary art educator.  I have 150 teaching moments a day.  I coach gymnastics a few hours a week.  I help my gymnasts grow in their confidence and their technique.  I make and show my own art.  And, I share it with the world.  (www. lauramccrackenglass .com). 

But, really, as an artist, I am so much more:  I am an explorer.  

I dig deep in myself; I investigate my truths.  My artwork is constructed in layers or through a process that requires familiarity and flow.  Life is full of layers.  Layers of experiences become the steppingstones that form a path in our personal journeys.  My art is my story.  I play with ebb and flow as a metaphor for transition.  In the past, I have explored the concepts of energy and presence.  They re-emerge regularly within my art.  Where will my inner compass take me next?