Finding Flow...

Summer is finally here.  I have had two and a half weeks of serious art making.  Ahhh, this is what I have craved all year.  I have made jewelry, some of which I have already posted on my Etsy Page, Glass Marvel.  I have made a few fused glass dishes.  I've hung out at The Furnace (glass blowing studio in Lakewood) a couple times.  I'm just starting to feel really good. 


I consider this the "Flow" state of mind.  Making and creating come naturally, and I feel content.  Definition by Vishen Lakhiani:  A mental state of mind, in which you are pulled forward by big goals, yet happy where you are now.  It creates a feeling of growth and a feeling of being lucky.  Here's wishing the same for you!

Vision board

Vision board on the back of my journal, April 2016.

As an artist, I have artwork all over my condo and my classroom.  I often have several works in progress, at various stages of completion, going on at any one time.  So, the idea of taking time out to create a vision board creates mixed feelings for me.  I, sometimes, think that I don't need that, as I'm a rather goal oriented person.  Then again, there's a feeling of satisfaction when I see it in the midst of busyness or overwhelm.  It reminds me that I'm heading in the right direction.

My latest vision board is a collage on the back of my journal.  My students see it on my desk and think it's just the "coolest."  It spawns conversation about my work as a glass artist.  Having those conversations tends to excite both of us, student and teacher.  And, motivates me to turn to creating when life seems heavy.

My collage includes one of my favorite pictures of me in the hot glass studio with my father as my assistant.  We were at The Chrysler Museum of Glass Hot Shop in Norfolk, VA.  The bottom image is of my home studio, where I create my fused glass artwork, outside of Denver, CO.




Creativity comes from a quiet place.

This is one of my favorite sayings that I use in my elementary art classroom.  We live in a world full of distractions, busyness, constant chatter, etc.  When I moved from Colorado Springs/Manitou Springs to Denver, I was struck with how, even on a hiking trail, no roads in sight, I could still hear traffic.  I CRAVE quiet.  

Finding that quiet space to hear our own thoughts, is sometimes, hard.  With my students, I remind them, that the person or people at their table that chat endlessly, are confident in their ideas, but that doesn't mean they have the best ideas.  I try to teach students to look inside themselves and be mindful of the moment.  This is a concept that was never really discussed when I was young.  Sometimes the quiet people, the introverted, have brilliant thoughts that never get shared.

I find that in recent years, my stamina has changed.  I need to soften my expectations for myself.  Time management, to-do lists, projects, due dates, etc. can sometimes lead to feeling overwhelmed.

So, I am trying to slow down, extend grace to myself, and recognize that every day, there will be some sort of unexpected event that will distract me.  I'm focusing on self-care and finding the quiet space within.

This image is called "Dizzy Spell".  It is foil relief.  This was created in one of Michael Cellan's summer workshops, years ago.  

Do you have a morning routine?

This is a full body cast I originally made in 2007 for a Solo show, entitled "Sleepless Dreamstate".  I recently used it again and painted it with chakra colors for a show at The Bridge Gallery, dedicated to Yves Klein.

This is a full body cast I originally made in 2007 for a Solo show, entitled "Sleepless Dreamstate".  I recently used it again and painted it with chakra colors for a show at The Bridge Gallery, dedicated to Yves Klein.

UGH!  Mornings are quite difficult for me.  I have some headache issues and my neck, back and hips are on the mend from a couple car accidents in the past couple years.  My mornings depend on whether or not it's summer or winter.  Winter, I am affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder and I'm pretty much wrapped up like a burrito.  In the summer, it's nice to let the natural light wake me up, well, naturally.

Whatever season it is, my yoga mat and foam roller are only steps away from my bed.  Sometimes it's the first thing I do in the morning and also the last thing I do before going to bed.  My yoga mat is my gentle hello to the day.  I stretch.  I get in tune with my body.  I center myself for whatever's on the day's agenda.  I meditate anywhere from 2-20 minutes.

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The following is taken from

Maybe you’re familiar with the idea of kintsukuroi. It’s a Japanese word that refers to the act of repairing broken pottery by filling in the cracks with gold.

Instead of trying to hide the damage, kintsukuroi illuminates it.

You do this, because you understand that mending is an art.

You do this, because you understand that there is beauty in the broken places.

Behind every scar is a story.

(We are made of stories.)

My clients have achieved success when they embody the above concept.  It is considered a creative practice, in that, we are always practicing.  We continually do more, investigate further, work creatively within boundaries.  These boundaries may be, space, media and materials, time, finances, etc.  When we accept our human capabilities and soften our self-judgement and criticism, we begin to find our voice.  I provide opportunities that aim to share my technical knowledge, engage my students, and inspire a passion to create.