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Maybe you’re familiar with the idea of kintsukuroi. It’s a Japanese word that refers to the act of repairing broken pottery by filling in the cracks with gold.

Instead of trying to hide the damage, kintsukuroi illuminates it.

You do this, because you understand that mending is an art.

You do this, because you understand that there is beauty in the broken places.

Behind every scar is a story.

(We are made of stories.)

My clients have achieved success when they embody the above concept.  It is considered a creative practice, in that, we are always practicing.  We continually do more, investigate further, work creatively within boundaries.  These boundaries may be, space, media and materials, time, finances, etc.  When we accept our human capabilities and soften our self-judgement and criticism, we begin to find our voice.  I provide opportunities that aim to share my technical knowledge, engage my students, and inspire a passion to create.