Summer! It's almost here!!!

I am thrilled that summer is almost here!  As soon as school is out, I'm heading to CT to visit the family.  I'll be able to relax, de-stress and transition into the summer. 

This summer I will be coaching gymnastics a few hours a week, getting back into my yoga practice (of which I have sorely missed) and making art for my SOLO SHOW in September!

The past two summers have been rough for me.  I, unfortunately, fell victim to the wonderful drivers in the big city.  I was involved in two car accidents that left me nursing injuries for the past two summers.  My artwork suffered.  My mental state suffered.  My fitness suffered.  I wasn't able to go camping.  I even had a hard time hiking, due to uneven surfaces.  My body (and mind) were fragile.

This summer WILL BE DIFFERENT!  I look forward to finding myself again.  I am excited to create art for my show.  I look forward to a little camping, hiking, and hot springs.  YEAH!!

I will also, be offering some classes.  In order to improve my fine motor skills (nerve damage in my neck gave me paraesthesia...pins and needles feeling, in my hands) I have been doing a lot of journaling and drawing.  I'm not quite back to drawing like I did in college.  I worked hard at drawing vessel shapes for my glass classes and during the school year, I did a lot of examples for my students.  My personal favorites are radial designs, also known as mandalas.  I will be offering a weekly class on Wednesdays (and maybe some Saturdays, when I'm at The Bridge) to make your own.  This class will be a step up from the adult coloring book craze.  YOU MAKE YOUR OWN!!!  

 See my Events page for more info.

What are you looking forward to this summer?