Letting go of Struggle...

Since returning from a week in Connecticut, I have been surprisingly busy.  I have been coaching at The Rock Gymnastics for just over a year now.  Normally, it would only be a few hours a week.  When I returned from CT, Patrick (our head coach/owner) was asked to coach at a couple camps.  That meant someone had to work his hours.  That someone was me!  

I had grand plans of spring cleaning and prepping my work areas for art making.  Coaching a bazillion hours the first couple weeks of June wore me out and here it is, almost July and I'm finally getting to where I wanted to be.  That's just life!

I've been working on releasing struggle.  Struggle is all too familiar; I've spent two years dealing with injury from the car accidents.  I am working to create a new familiar: one of ease and joy.  

As I am making art, I process whatever feelings that have come to the surface and overload my thinking.  Sometimes it's fear, sometimes it is worry or some other emotion that holds me in a place of struggle.  I process these emotions, accept them for what they are (the what ifs, the shoulds, etc.) and I work to release them.  I acknowledge and celebrate the small successes.  For they are going to move me down the path toward ease and joy.